ABOUT Aiangle City Mall

Aiangle City Mall is built on an area of 8,500 sq m that is prepared to handle a high capacity of visitors all day long with 300 parking slots and facilities with the maximum attention to comfort. Aiangle is designed with curves to provide a full and clear view of the greenery, lake, and all properties. The mall includes six floors of commercial spaces for shops, hypermarkets, and dining, in addition to the luxuries of administrative and medical properties.


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Aiangle in Numbers

1 M
Land Area
1 M
Commercial Interface
Parking Slots
mixed-use Floors


Aiangle City Mall is one of the largest mall areas located in the heart of the Narges district in New Cairo, with a main direct entrance from South 90 St., Mohammed Naguib St., and Talaat Harb axis. 

Aiangle Location


property Managment

underground Parking


Freight elevators


5 Entrances

Solar Panel



Atm Center

Fire System


24/7 Security

Skating area

GYM & Spa

Hyper market

Food Court

kids area



It's not just a shopping destination; It's a lifestyle experience where commerce meets convenience, and variety meets value. Aiangel City Mall welcomes you to a world where shopping dreams come true. Discovering the endless possibilities that await you in its commercial scope. It is ensuring that visitors can find everything they desire. What sets Aiangel City Mall apart is its commitment to customer satisfaction.


A premier commercial mixed-use destination, goes beyond the ordinary by integrating administrative offices within its bustling atmosphere. They were designed to cater to the diverse needs of businesses. Guarantee efficient productivity for entrepreneurs and professionals with a perfect environment. The offices are equipped with modern and advanced technology, creating a conducive atmosphere for creativity and collaboration, ensuring optimal productivity and success for all its clients.


Providing the best clinics with the most comfortable atmosphere to make sure that patients receive the best possible treatment, with a feeling of comfort and reassurance. Aiangel City Mall's medical clinics serve as a trusted haven, where its patient is the top priority. The clinics are equipped to meet your healthcare needs effectively.

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220 Crown Plaza Building North 90th street, 5th settlement, New Cairo

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